1. I don’t understand why you say “governer removed” in reference to the Ghost. It does not have one. RPM is limited by the coil which senses RPM and limits it to 6100 on the motor I have. I am posting this so folks aren’t confused by your governor comment.

  2. One more comment on the Ghost. You do not have to buy HF’s kit with it. If you are swapping out anothe clone reuse your parts. Their all the same. Most importantly HF will sell you an extended warranty on this motor. 1 or 2 years. I went with the 2 year for $68. You won’t ever get this from Briggs, Tilotson or any of the others. This is a great value for a race motor.

  3. Dont waste your time with ghost engine. There’s no replacement for displacement. 224cc has better block and will always make more torque which equals big smile.

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