1. I really appreciate your article with great information. I am teaching a go kart building class this summer and have 5 Predator 212 non-hemi engines. I would like to keep 1 stock but make changes to the other 4. I am looking for advice on what I could do to make this interesting for students and not break the bank. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hey! I’d say get a torque converter and make slight adjustments in spring for more torque. That will increase the acceleration and is imo more fun than increasing the top speed.

  2. Wondering if anyone can help me with my situation, I have a 212 predator with a mild worked head a header VM 22 carburetor and a mod 2 cam, And 18 pound valve springs. So I was going to buy the hot 265 cam And I figured I would go with the fire 265 cam because the duration was the same as the mod 2, So I put the 265 cam in and 26 pound valve springs. The top speed of the bike was 59 miles an hour after putting the cam in springs in now and he does 56 I tried everything if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. My email is joeylep@gmail.com thank you

  3. you have found the limit of your heads, they are uncapable of flowing enough to overcome the extra valve spring tension, so bigger valves better port work or higher compression or forced induction (turbo) oh and that is too much cam also

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