1. i got this go cart for my grandkids for christmas and they just started riding it. 2 times actually and after about 10 minutes the belt starts slipping and smoking so its just setting in my shed.how do i tighten up the belt or whatever the problem is.

    1. Duane – do you mean the torque converter belt? If so see

      With your kart being so new, it was most likely that the pulleys were not aligned and caused the belt to slip and wear out.

      Also check out the Owner’s manual (link below). You also may want to check with Coleman or wherever you purchased the kart.
      Owner’s Manual:

  2. Check to make sure the weld did not break on the chain sprocket to the frame. This happened to ours howere Coleman warranties their product so contact them directly, they are more than happy to help.

  3. I pulled the plastic housing and left it off. Less heat build up and the smoking problem went away immediately

  4. Our go-kart just stopped one day. The wheels wouldn’t turn. After removing the cover, I saw a hex cap screw from a sprocket had worked loose and backed out enough to be in contact with the adjacent pulley. Wedged in this way was keeping the wheels from turning. Turned out the other hex cap screws were loose also. Once these were tightened it ran fine.

  5. I just recently bought on for my kids, they used for about a week, and now it runs but the cart seem to jerk at take off anyone know at this could be

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