1. What I’d really like someone to post is a list of each mod pretty much like the ones stated above in this article but next to each mod tell us how much horsepower each mod done will add to the engine. I personally am dying to know how much horsepower my 196cc engine is putting out now after doing a bunch of mods to it but i have no clue. In case someone happens to know what each mod adds to the horsepower here is a list of the mods i have done so far. It obviously started off life as a 6.5 horsepower engine. Since i got it have done the following:
    – 1 Inch Header Pipe with 91 mini silencer
    – K&N Air Filter
    – Aggressive 265 Cam (X Grind)
    – 22 Lb Springs
    – New Performance Head (Ported for better flow)came with shaft rockers installed
    – New Bored Out 670 Stock Appearing Carb with custom e-tube .36 jet
    – 30 Series Torque Converter with a Tork-Zilla on the Drive
    – 12 Tooth Sprocket up front / Stock 50 tooth in rear
    – Governor Removed
    – Billet Lifters
    – Stainless Steel Pushrods (Will probably upgrade to Chromoly eventually)
    – Billet Rod (Stock Size)
    – 6619 Billet Flywheel
    – Flat Top Piston
    – AR3910X Racing Spark Plug
    That’s pretty much it for now that i can think of so if you had to guess approx how many horsepower a 196cc engine with the upgrades listed above was what would your guess be ?
    I’d just like to know about what the number is just so i know if i am in the 10 hp range or 15 hp range etc. Thanks in advance if anyone can answer this for me. Appreciate it.

    1. If I had to guess, you’d be close to 13-14hp with that cam and 22lb spring. But that’s only a guess, you’ll need to test it to find out 🙂

  2. Hello, Can you tell me where I can buy a new black faux tank(toolbox) for my Mossimo Warrior 200. Thanks in advance

  3. Nice article, new to this but was looking for this type of thing to plan out any future upgrades. Would like to see most in depth install pic/vids of most of these parts so if anyone knows of any please let me know.

    1. Thanks, glad it was of help! Look for Predator 212 mod video on youtube, there are tons of videos on installation. This mini bike comes with a Honda clone, but they are very very similar to Predator 212/224cc even most of the upgrade parts are same.

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