1. Hello to all who read this! i have a coleman ct200u ex and i installed the torque converter from gopowersports.com and also removed the governor screw, bike rides great now but when i change the sprocket size in the front from 10 to 12 for more speed the motor rattles and vibrates real bad causing me to turn it off and walk it home. i have the stock 50 tooth rear sprocket and #420 chain. what combination of sprocket and chain do i need to get me to go faster? all info will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hey Alex! It is possible that maybe you didn’t bolt the engine properly after the changes you made which are causing the vibrations so check that first. You can also change the spring in the driver clutch of the torque converter to a stiffer spring so that your bike doesn’t lose low-end torque since you have changed the gearing.

  2. I got my Coleman BT 200 BX up to 30mph just but hacksawing off that welded throttle screw, did nothing else. ( I weigh 205 pounds). plenty of speed and power now !!

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