1. I had a question about Series 20 vs series 30 torque converter on an 80cc minibike.
    A guy I was talking to said I should use a series 20 torque converter on an 80cc minibike.
    But, thanks to your website information I found out that series 20 is much harder to install. Would a series 30 work on an 80 cc bike?
    Its a megamoto MM-b80. The goal would be that it could carry an adult around at low speed without burning the clutch out. Even with a slight incline.

    1. Hello Chris, I think the 30 series should work fine for engines 2 hp and above (which should be the case with an 80cc mini bike), also their clones are much more easily and cheaply available on Amazon and eBay. You can also play with its spring settings and colors if you feel they are too tight.

      Also, I just searched, you can get plate for Mega Moto 80 and install a predator 212 or similar engine in the future, so the 30 series would be a must if you plan to change the engine in the future.

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