1. Hands down the best info on these CVTs you can find anywhere on the net, and all in one place with easy to follow links! Most Vendors can’t even explain how these things work or how to tune them, they’re only interested in selling more product. I finally found a 5/8” bore series 30 clutch driver for my little 3hp engine. This info is going to be real helpful getting the shift points right. Thank you sir.

  2. I removed my 5/8 nut and snap ring on the driven pully of my 30 series torque convertor. Its brand new maybe few hours on it. And I swear I can get the fixed part that should just just pop off from springs tension to come off. Like I see where on two long sides of jackshaft its like it will slide off. But on the two short ends its like the slot allowing it to slide off isn’t there. Or its undersized preventing the part from sliding off shift to get to the spring. Does that make any sense. Help plz

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