1. Got a built 212 that runs great for a while, but after running hard (FAST) and letting off the gas, it’ll sputter and shut down. Maybe the gas tank vent is too restrictive? Would love some input

    1. If you have upgraded your carb, it might be the case that the engine is getting too much air and not enough fuel at full throttle. Try changing the main jet of the carb. If you got a Mikuni (or clone), they send you small hole jets and you will need to change the jet.

    2. John, did you figure your dying issue out? Mine does the same thing. Starts right up with choke, so thinking the gas cap is not venting, but not sure how to modify it so it does. Curious what you found and your fix. Thank you!

  2. my predator 212 hemi is having a problem where it will be running just fine then after about 30 minutes of run time it dies

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