1. Got a built 212 that runs great for a while, but after running hard (FAST) and letting off the gas, it’ll sputter and shut down. Maybe the gas tank vent is too restrictive? Would love some input

    1. If you have upgraded your carb, it might be the case that the engine is getting too much air and not enough fuel at full throttle. Try changing the main jet of the carb. If you got a Mikuni (or clone), they send you small hole jets and you will need to change the jet.

    2. John, did you figure your dying issue out? Mine does the same thing. Starts right up with choke, so thinking the gas cap is not venting, but not sure how to modify it so it does. Curious what you found and your fix. Thank you!

    3. man I’m having the same problem. it makes me so mad because it will run great and get me out there and then I have to push it back because it won’t start again. then I come back hours later and it starts right up and does the same thing.

  2. my predator 212 hemi is having a problem where it will be running just fine then after about 30 minutes of run time it dies

    1. Yea let me know if u find a depletion I be doing research and I think it’s the carb. Mine runs perfectly down for 30 mins then ur dies and wont Run till cooled off

  3. I have a predator 212 with a after market air filter “the cone shaped ones” and it runs on choke but when I give it gas it bogs out and dies. I have a jett kit I bought online but don’t know the number jett I should replace the main jett with any tips would be appreciated!

    1. Josh,
      Start with a .036″ jet then check the plug for proper color. Sounds like the jet you are replacing is not flowing properly that is why it runs choked.

  4. Mini bike with 212 motor runs great on the stand , I get on rIide about 100ft. And dies , ran it without gas tank lid, same stall, new carburetor installed ,same stall runs out of fuel. FRUSTRATING. What is the fix ?

    1. “Richard,

      I had that problem and found the fuel line was pinched by the fan cover. Might want to check that,”

      From The Comment Below From Jim.

  5. I’m having the same problem with my 212 mod 2. it runs great for about 1 minute then it starts misfiring. I’ve changed jets, changed coils, changed spark plug heat range, increased the valve clearance, nothing changes the problem. I think it’s heat related because it won’t run properly until it cools down. It almost seems like the compression release is locking somehow but that doesn’t seem like a possibility.

    1. So, I’ve done a lil bit more research on it since a lot of people seem to be having this problem. From what I can find, ignition coils can heat up and that messes up it’s inner wiring and it ultimately stops making sparks, but you’ve already tried changing your coil.

      I’ve also found some people saying that their gas tank had some debris or that, which when they cleaned, fixed the issue.

  6. Richard,

    I had that problem and found the fuel line was pinched by the fan cover. Might want to check that,

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