1. My predator 212 will start with the chain disconnected ..but i put the chain on it . It will pull but no start .pull the chain off it starts right up first pull .
    What could be the problem

    1. I’m having the same issue I take the chain off it starts put the chain on it doesn’t start to figure out what the problem is?

    2. try loosening the chain. I used to tight my chains so tight that it wouldn’t move and that caused to much pressure on the shaft.

  2. Have a predator 212 hemi good spark getting fuel compression is at 60 psi. will not start. tried shutting off fuel and starting fluid still not firing. is compression too low. cleaned carb there was no debris. put in fresh fuel. any ideas?

  3. I have a predator engine 212 cc why would the motor start without a chain and don’t start with the chain on

  4. I solved this issue, you need to slightly loosen the connection between the chain and the engine. My torque converter didn’t allow the engine to start up unless it was torqued properly.

  5. I have a 212 predator mini bike and it has a new spark plug,carburetor,and air filter and new oil an gas what can possibly be the issue to start

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